Entomological Society of America, Annapolis, MD, 2013

This is a 6000 sf tenant-improvement project for a non-profit organization representing bug scientists. The space is a rectangle with windows on the long east-facing wall and short north-facing wall. The client needed a series of office spaces that would provide private working areas but, more importantly, encourage collaborative work. The solution was to design an office module a bit like a nautilus shell. The inner circle is small, private work area that can be closed off via a sliding door for acoustical privacy. The desk spins out from there towards the circulation spaces, providing additional workspace, and ending in a desk on the corridor with seating on both sides. As employees move through the space, they are constantly aware of the projects being worked on by their colleagues, and can easily stop and comment or collaborate. The office modules have slightly angled walls, so that when pushed together they describe a long arc through the space.

All photos by Danny Bostwick.