Rehoboth Beach Residence Addition & Renovation, 2019

Problem: Add on to an existing home to provide a larger kitchen, dining room, and screened-in porch, as well as both ground-level and second-level decks. Re-orient the rooms towards the views to the West, while blocking the views to neighbors to the North.

Solution:  Pushing out the back of the house allowed the primary rooms to change their focus by 90 degrees, centering on the views of the marsh and water to the west.  Removing walls allowed the spaces to flow into one another, but each room retains enough definition to feel centered and complete.  Storefront windows allow entire walls to visually open up to the deck and the views, while a wood “screen wall” blocks views to the neighboring houses and gives a warm but modern enclosure to the outdoor spaces.

“David Quillin did a phenomenal job,” Kevin says. “He turned what was already a nice house into a spectacular place. It really is our dream house.” Kevin Naff, Owner