South Point Residence I

This home was designed to solve some interesting problems. The owners had a high desire for privacy, but the home is located close to the street. The owners wanted have a high exposure to the views to the Northeast, which is also the direction strong storms come from. And the owners wanted an open, spacious interior inside a traditional, small-scale exterior. Additionally, The building forms mirror the form of an old family horse stable adjacent to the property.

The entry is through an enclosed courtyard. The courtyard provides a calm retreat from the often harsh winds in the area. It also buffers the home from the street, allowing for lots of glazing facing south without sacrificing privacy.

"David designed our house WITH us, not FOR us. It was a wonderful collaborative process from the beginning of the design process until the final completion. We had detailed plans, 3D model, summary notes on every discussion and decisions made, frequent oversight of building and contractors, suggestions as to choices on everything from shingles to faucets. He was always prepared, articulate, clear and professional. The whole process was actually fun!" Owners