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Welcome to my new website!  I am very excited to be able to present my work and my thoughts in this improved format, and hope that it serves viewers well by offering both information and stimulation.

Some selling, but mostly information and education.

The website is an advertisement for my firm, and part of its job is to sell my services, but this effort reflects my desire to provide information and especially education about architecture in general — about how buildings impact people and the environment, and about the tools that architects can use to control that impact.

Projects Section — Process, not just product

Each project page has photos, of course, but I try to also include information about the design process that lead to that particular building.  When possible I will be posting early concepts, variations, and alternate schemes in order to show the sometimes non-linear journey that any creative project takes from concept to completion.  The projects are presented in a user-friendly grid, and I’ve added a filter setting so the viewer can focus on just those projects of most relevance to their visit.

Design Elements

While architecture is a holistic art, it can be helpful to think of individual elements that contribute to the overall design.  The Design Elements section discusses some of these important elements in detail, and gives examples from my projects.  This is intended to help raise awareness of how architecture affects people, and the numerous areas that architects need to think about to arrive at a coherent and successful design solution.

Sustainable Ideas

Sustainability in architecture is paramount — a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in the design of the built environment benefits us all — but it is a complex subject that can be difficult to keep in order.  The Sustainable Ideas section is my attempt to order the many different principals that go in to sustainable design and also to describe them in detail.  Our understanding of building science is continuously evolving, and as it does this section will evolve with it.


I will be adding blog posts periodically about different subjects relevant to architecture.  If there is a subject you are interested in, let me know.  Upcoming blog posts will be on subjects like “Biophilia”, architectural quotes, how parking requirements shape our cities, how buildings contribute to a “sense of place” and how a “sense of space” contributes to our well-being, etc…

Not entirely complete yet…

While many of my projects have been uploaded to the site, not all of them have.  I will be continuously uploading more projects over the next few months, and adding more educational information.

Great design team

This website came about through a collaboration with Jeffrey Chase of Scrapking.  Jeff is an amazing creative talent in almost all fields, but particularly information design, painting, illustration, video creation and production, and music.  My hope is that this website provides a thoughtful, creative, and entertaining experience for its viewers, and to the extent that it is successful at that much of the thanks goes to Jeff. He was aided on the technical side by Corin Larraga who brought similar qualities to the more intricate behind-the-curtain coding work necessary for any of this to work.