About Us

David D. Quillin Architecture is a small firm dedicated to thoughtful, responsive, sustainable, and innovative residential and commercial design.  The firm was opened in Berkeley, California, in 1997, and moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 2000.  As a small firm, David D. Quillin Architecture is highly responsive to its clients.  Good design begins with good listening, and gaining a thorough understanding of the clients needs.  The firm spends a great deal of energy on analysis of the program, the site, and the context of the project, exploring ideas to improve the function, the feel, and the look.  The firm strives to design buildings that are visually striking, but more importantly, function at a high level.  Good architecture is about thoughtful ideas for improving peoples lives.

David D. Quillin Architecture has won numerous awards for both its commercial and residential work.  The firm seeks to work on many different types of projects, and on projects of all scales, from furniture to office buildings. Sustainable design is a particular focus of the firm, as is working with non-profit groups.  The ideal project for the firm is one where a thorough and thoughtful design will result in a building that is good for its owners, its users, and its community.