Habitat for Humanity Wicomico County, Salisbury MD 2008

This home, design pro-bono for Habitat for Humanity of Wicomico County, was the first sustainably designed Habitat home on the Eastern Shore. It utilizes numerous “green” techniques to tread lightly on the environment and to ensure the new owner has affordable utility bills.While the building form is not typical, the home is designed to fit into the neighborhood through scale, proportion, materials, and a wide front porch.  Materials are simple, inexpensive, and durable, and composed to give the home character.  The long South-facing porch is part of the passive solar strategy, shading the windows in summer but allowing the lower winter sun to shine in.

"Sustainable design is not a luxury item; in fact, it is most important for those with the fewest resources" David D. Quillin, AIA