Old Bridge Road Residence, West Ocean City, MD, 2002

This home was designed to restore a disturbed wetlands site to its original condition, to utilize passive solar design, and to reflect the vernacular architecture of the area.  The entry is square to the street, while the mass of the house is angled to give a true-South orientation for improved passive-solar control.  The South-facing wall is double height.  Louvers help block summer sun, while letting in the lower winter sun.  This allows winter time solar gain to be stored in the concrete floor and thickened balcony walls, while allowing a convective loop to increase ventilation efficiency in the summer (cool air comes in low and hotter air is exhausted high).  The home is designed to sit lightly on its site. Over 5000sf of wetlands was restored beneath and beside the house as part of the project.

Its a space age crab shack! Fellow architect